Whether you are interested in taking care of a few wrinkles with the latest anti-aging treatments or trying to clear up that pesky adult acne, finding the right licensed dermatologist in Reno can be challenging.

Here are five great tips to help you make the right choice so you don’t end up flipping randomly through the Yellow Pages.

1. Know Who You Are Dealing With

Any doctor who has a medical degree has the right to practice dermatology, but this certainly doesn’t make just any MD the right choice. In order to become an American Board of Dermatology board certified dermatologist, doctors have to spend three years in residency. This doesn’t even include additional education and training. 

Never be afraid to ask the doctor for his/her credentials as proof that they are a licensed dermatologist. Beware of any who are not willing to show them to you.

2. Degrees of Comfort

In your search for the right dermatologist in Reno, consider that you are going to be talking to them about a wide range of “personal” information. With this in mind, it is very important that you feel very comfortable with the doctor. Some prefer a doctor of the same gender, while others feel this isn’t important. Ultimately you need to know how you feel before you get too far into your search.

3. It’s All a Matter of Time

If your family doctor is like most, he probably seems to be a bit rushed most of the time. If you are lucky, you have a family doctor who always has the time to listen to you and talk with you about any concerns you have. Your dermatologist in Reno should be the same way.

He should take the time to talk to you about any concerns you might have, explain things like your treatment plans and any tests he asks you to undergo. Rather than acting like he is sitting there watching the clock, a top-quality licensed dermatologist will focus on you and nothing else.

4. Avoid the Pitchman

Remember you are going to be in a doctor’s office, not sitting in the front row of an infomercial. There is nothing wrong with the doctor and his staff discussing the various skin care products they sell. But, when the staff starts to sound like the Oxi Clean commercials trying to aggressively push their products and services, it’s time to find another dermatologist. Anyone trying to up-sell like this is more interested in making money than taking care of their clients.

5. The Referral

Nothing in this world says more about anyone, including a dermatologist in Reno, than referrals from previous and current patients. Never be afraid to sit in the waiting room and ask others what they think about the doctor and his staff. Ask the staff for referrals and see if they have any current patient reviews for you to read.

Finding the best dermatologist in Reno can be challenging, but if you are willing to do your homework it should lead you right to Integrated Dermatology of Reno. For more information, contact us at 775.829.1212, visit us online, or come in and see us in person at 6630 South McCarran Blvd Suite A9, Reno, NV 89509.

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