It isn’t difficult to come across one of the many clichés out there about Botox injections. From a stiff face to frozen facial expressions, Botox has gotten a bad rap over the years in the media.

When we hear the word Botox, we instantly think of celebrities who went overboard with the treatment. However, those are only extreme examples and definitely aren’t the norm.

For the average person, this nonsurgical cosmetic procedure can have several benefits that far outweigh the cons. In fact, much of the hype surrounding Botox is false. Read on to find out common myths about the procedure:

Botox is addictive

While some may use Botox more than others, there is no evidence to suggest that it has any addictive characteristics, such as those found in nicotine and alcohol. The individuals who choose to return for further procedures do so from a basis of satisfaction with the results, rather than any form of chemical dependency.

Botox injections cause a “frozen-face”

The purpose of Botox is to smooth out the lines in one’s face, and in no way has the capacity to entirely freeze or dismantle any facial expressions. With these injections, you can free yourself of those pesky crow’s feet and those deepening laugh lines, while still enjoying your life, carrying on just as you always have without worry of facial paralysis.

It’s only used for wrinkles

Botox has been cleared for use in cases of migraines, overactive bladders, and other conditions well beyond the occasional facial injection. While the cosmetic benefits of Botox injections are renown, these less popular pros are just a few of the ways the material has been put to positive use in other medical arenas as well.

There you have it, three misconceptions about Botox. Hopefully, this gives you a piece of mind the next time you hear about the treatment. To learn more, feel free to contact us for your skincare needs.


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